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New Ductmate Products for 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ductmate received a generous product innovation grant from the USGBC to continue to develop our energy-efficient GreenSeam snap-lock pipe. The result is GreenSeam+ which takes the self-sealing longitudinal seam of our GreenSeam, and adds a self-sealing transverse joint, too! As soon as you install the pipe at the job site, you have a finished, sealed system which is ready for pressure testing as soon as it snaps together!

Due to popular demand, Ductmate also introduced a high-efficiency takeoff with a 3/8" solid rod securing the damper to the fitting. The damper is also fitted with our patented low-leakage hardware, and is available with a 1.5" or 2" standoff for wrapped systems.

Our new HiTex screw is the result of rigorous testing for the most demanding sheet metal applications. If you drive a lot of fasteners over the course of your day, and you're tired of wasting time and material on dropped, stripped, and walking screws, this is the fastener for you. If you're skeptical about how much a premium-quality fastener can really improve your workflow, contact us for a free sample! We'll send you over a hundred HiTex to try out, because we know you'll never want to go back to cheap, low-quality fasteners.

Ductmate is dedicated to the continued research and development of new products to improve our industry. For a full listing of our innovative product line, you can request a catalog, or call our award-winning customer service team for more information.

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