Ductmate Green Products

Solutions for Sustainability

Typical, energy-guzzling, leaky ductwork can reduce the efficiency of the heating and cooling system by as much as 20%! An efficient, well-sealed duct system utilizing Ductmate's connectors and accessories will increase performance, lower your energy bills, comply with standards, and may even allow you to down-size equipment. (ENERGY STAR®)

Ductmate developed the following products...

Rectangular duct connection system
The original Ductmate rectangular connection system: patented, self-sealing technology.

Ductmate's self-sealing flange connection system for round duct.
Ductmate's revolutionary of duct liner adhesive with exceptional tack, dry time, and environmental properties.
    Water-based duct sealant Duct Sealant

Water-based sealants improve the air quality of the indoor environment.
Sandwich Access Doors
Sandwich® Access Doors

Ductmate's advanced pressure-vessel design reduces leakage (and installation time) when compared with standard square-framed access doors.
    ProGuard duct cover film 
ProGuard is a recyclable film developed specifically for keeping dirt, dust, and particulates out of the ductwork, improving the air quality of the indoor environment.

   Sustainability Statement

As one of the largest HVAC accessory providers in the world, Ductmate Industries, Inc. is committed to the sustainable manufacturing of a myriad of products designed to increase the efficiency of heating & cooling systems across the planet. Since 1978, Ductmate has been devoted to the betterment of the people & places our business touches within the industry, in the neighboring communities, and around the globe.

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