Our Green Efforts

Ductmate In-House Green Efforts

In 2008, the Pittsburgh Business Times proclaimed that Ductmate is the regional “Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year."

Our day-to-day efforts to eliminate waste from our workflow are a large part of the reason why. Here are just some of the changes we’ve implemented to reduce the burden we place on the environment:

  • DMI has taken a direct focus on “green” and sustainability efforts from all levels, including executive, operations, research and development, maintenance, purchasing, etc.
  • DMI has implemented various “lean” initiatives, including the development of a Lean Department, the incorporation of lean/6sigma at all levels, and the addition of “The Lean Times” section in the monthly in-house Ductmate Newsletter
  • DMI developed a subsidiary company, RCx Building Diagnostics, designed to focus on overall building health via retro commissioning, energy auditing, sustainability analyzing, and more. RCx performed an ASHRAE® Level I Energy Audit on the DMI Corporate Offices, detailing the energy usage for the Historical Landmark.
  • DMI has a registered LEED® AP employee on staff
  • DMI also has a registered LEED® Green Associate employee on staff
  • DMI incorporates sustainable technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other efficient methods to compute and produce transactions while eliminating “profit thieves” and reducing overall costs
  • DMI’s Corporate Offices were awarded Historic Landmark status after the company renovated the vacant “First National Bank” in Charleroi to restore it to it’s current state as the company’s home and headquarters
  • DMI implemented a company-wide recycling program including recycle bins on every floor of their offices and specific “Recycle” dumpsters at their manufacturing facilities
  • DMI actively searches for and purchases recycled/recyclable materials whenever possible in their efforts to contribute as small a carbon-footprint as possible (i.e. consumables, etc.)
  • DMI is in the process of performing “cradle to grave” examinations to compare the full range of environmental and social damages assignable to their products and services so that they may be able to choose the least burdensome ones possible
  • DMI developed and incorporated a Health and Wellness Committee utilizing/enabling Health and Wellness Programs (i.e. healthy rewards, stairs vs. elevator [10,000 steps], Lunch and Learns, etc.)
  • Recognizing the importance of education and understanding, DMI continues to inform their employees on responsible in-house “green/sustainable” decisions and actions and their relevance to the company and the surrounding environment (i.e. make employees aware)
  • DMI converted all overhead lighting from incandescent to compact fluorescents (T8 over T12 lighting), reducing energy usage
  • DMI installed occupancy/motion sensors, reducing energy usage
  • DMI installed high-efficiency toilets, reducing water consumption
  • DMI installed aerators in all faucets, reducing water consumption
  • DMI installed set-back features on thermostats, reducing energy usage
  • DMI installed a tire-pressure reader and inflate station at their manufacturing facility, enabling employees to minimize gasoline consumption
  • DMI advocates overnight machine (i.e. computers, scanners, faxes, printers, etc.) shut-downs in an attempt to eliminate “phantom loads,” reducing energy usage
  • DMI encourages setting computers to “sleep” modes (using 15, as opposed to 140, watts on avg.), reducing energy usage
  • DMI employees are urged to monitor lights (i.e. shut off when areas are vacant) in locations where motion sensors have not been installed, reducing energy usage
  • DMI promotes the use of natural sunlight (i.e. open blinds/shades) vs. artificial energy consuming electric lights on sunny days, reducing energy usage
  • DMI supports the use of desk-lamps vs. overhead lighting, reducing overall energy usage
  • Continuing with their lean efforts, DMI attempts to refrain from running the dishwasher (and other energy consuming equipment) without maximizing the efficiency of the machine’s output (i.e. run full loads eliminating unnecessary energy consumption from several smaller loads)
  • DMI encourages their employees to keep extra clothing at their desks to adjust for temperature/comfort level (i.e. not constantly altering the thermostat/making the hot/cool air-supplier work harder)
  • DMI pushes the use of reusable containers, dishes, silverware, cups/mugs/bottles, etc. (all of which are provided by DMI and available to the employees)
  • DMI utilizes conference calls and meetings to save time, fuel, and energy
  • DMI has minimized paper usage (digital vs. hard-copy formats, double-sided printing, paper recycling [i.e. print on other side of 1-sided print-out or use other side as note-page])
  • DMI’s efforts have decreased overall material consumption (i.e. lean, “green” office initiatives, etc.) company-wide

   Sustainability Statement

As one of the largest HVAC accessory providers in the world, Ductmate Industries, Inc. is committed to the sustainable manufacturing of a myriad of products designed to increase the efficiency of heating & cooling systems across the planet. Since 1978, Ductmate has been devoted to the betterment of the people & places our business touches within the industry, in the neighboring communities, and around the globe.

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