Ductmate's Sustainability Statement

As one of the largest HVAC accessory providers in the world, Ductmate Industries, Inc. is committed to the sustainable manufacturing of a myriad of products designed to increase the efficiency of heating & cooling systems across the planet. Since 1978, Ductmate has been devoted to the betterment of the people & places our business touches within the industry, in the neighboring communities, and around the globe.

We proudly strive for social sustainability through our continued support for the local economies and extensive charitable efforts. Our human resources department ensures that our employees, as well as our customers, are given the resources they need to grow and develop financially and socially. Broad-spectrum skill development is emphasized while each employee is encouraged to build on his/her education and social network, while we also seek to educate the public on our research & findings, working in conjunction with a variety of local & national organizations, and also providing information on our website. A dialog is opened from the very top of the organization, through each department, then finally to the customer and the public, inciting the innovation and knowledge exchange that enables us to lead the industry today, and empower each individual we touch to spark positive change.

Financially, we analyze each new product prior to its release, as to ensure we are only producing goods that can be sold in the market in order to offset future costs and curb waste. We have an implemented managerial system of checks & balances which provides oversight for conflict resolution in all departments within the company.

Environmentally, through our constant in-house efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we are focused on maintaining ecological balance, with hopes that our efforts will result in a positive outcome for the world. Each product we manufacture represents our commitment to a reduction of waste from cradle to grave, with a long, healthy performance in the meantime.

It is through our diverse conservational efforts that we hope to afford a socially nurturing, economically stable, and naturally beautiful environment for generations to come.