Ductmate : See the evolution of innovation efforts at Ductmate over time.

Timeline of Innovation


After moving its corporate offices from the manufacturing plant in Monongahela to 210 5th St. in Charleroi, PA in May of 2002, Ductmate restored the then vacant building that was erected in 1889 & had served as a hotel as well as a bank and now housed the company’s corporate headquarters. The renovation & restoration have created a unique workspace for Ductmate employees. Close attention was paid to the unique details of the building’s rich history. As a result of extensive renovations and a detailed restoration, Ductmate was awarded National Historic Landmark status in 2007.

  • Ductmate used many recycled materials in the renovation & restoration process, breathing new life into the vacant space
  • Many of the originals doors, artwork and details remain
  • Ductmate is now a focal point of the downtown corridor, contributing to the revitalization of the downtown area
  • The local economy has been given a much needed boost
  • Ductmate's employees provide a significant addition to the Charleroi business community, impacting the commerce of the downtown area

   Sustainability Statement

As one of the largest HVAC accessory providers in the world, Ductmate Industries, Inc. is committed to the sustainable manufacturing of a myriad of products designed to increase the efficiency of heating & cooling systems across the planet. Since 1978, Ductmate has been devoted to the betterment of the people & places our business touches within the industry, in the neighboring communities, and around the globe.

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