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GreenSeam® Snap Lock Pipe

Basic Use

GreenSeam Snap Lock Pipe is used in the construction of residential and light commercial ductwork. GreenSeam is a product that has been developed to target high efficiency systems that are being designed to conform to LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and other Green Building Initiatives.


GreenSeam™ Snap Lock Pipe is a unique self-sealing snap lock pipe which has a pre-installed gasket that seals the longitudinal seam once snapped together. With increased fuel cost, GreenSeam pipe reduces leakage which creates higher efficiencies leading to lower fuel costs.

Special Characteristics

  • Available in various gauges of G-60 galvanized steel
  • Available in aluminum
  • Available in 304 stainless steel
  • Available in 3" - 14" diameters
  • Available in 24" and 60" (30 Ga. only) lengths
  • Available in Button Lock (SMACNA RL-8) and Reeves Lock (SMACNA RL-6A&B)
  • Pressure Rating: -1" wg to 2" wg
  • All GreenSeam Snap Lock Pipe is supplied with a pre-installed gasket that, once snapped together, is self-sealing, requiring no additional sealing of the longitudinal seam
  • Gasket has 0 VOC's, a shelf life of 20 years minimum, a melt point of 300° F and meets the requirements of ASTM E84-05
  • All pipe is available with yellow union label only.
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