Line It Right With Ductmate PolyArmor

Safe And Sound

Get a feel for the duct liner that's easy on your hands - and the environment.


Rarely is there a commercial building product that performs so well, yet is environmentally friendly, safe to handle and is sustainable.  Ductmate has achieved this and more with its unique PolyArmor Insulation.

Although made from the same high quality, light weight, polyester material used in pillow top mattresses and air filters, PolyArmor is not just another pretty face.

Engineered with excellent NRC and thermal values, PolyArmor is also mold and mildew resistant, and is bonded to an extremely durable reinforced FSK facing that is amazingly easy to clean.

It is ideally suited for medical facilities, schools, and universities where indoor air quality and performance are paramount.  PolyArmor has also become an essential component for HVAC systems in a wide range of buildings, including some of the largest technology giants in the world.

For peace of mind when choosing an insulation for your next HVAC system, choose one that you can sleep soundly on for generations to come - Choose Ductmate PolyArmor.

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