Ductmate was founded on the principle that not only should our HVAC parts and accessories make our end users’ jobs easier, but they should also improve the overall quality of the HVAC system.  Nearly all our products, from our Duct Connectors to our Access Doors, promote energy efficiency, system integrity, and indoor air quality.  Our products make installation easier and systems more efficient, lowering construction and building operating costs.

Unmatched Products and Expertise

“Solutions first” has been a Ductmate motto for over 40 years.  Providing the industry’s best products is only half of what we do, and providing the best product support is the other.  Whether you are a contractor on site, an engineer with a specification question, or a distributor looking for assistance on an order, our technical and sales support staff is eager to answer your questions.  Our online services, My.Ductmate.com and Ductmate University, are available to our distributors 24/7 for order tracking and product training needs.  We strive to leverage technologies whenever possible, but our live product and order support teams are only a phone call away to assist you during normal business hours.

At Ductmate, we pride ourselves on our products’ quality and industry-leading service and support.  We strive to meet a consistent level of excellence for every product we manufacture and back them with our unrivaled technical support.

Proudly Union and American Made

Our products are proudly union made in America in three facilities that spread across the United States, making Ductmate one of the largest HVAC accessories manufacturers in the world.  These facilities and our employees are the backbone of Ductmate Industries and are why our products are recognized as having the highest quality standard in the industry.

Trusted and Guaranteed

Ductmate products are backed with one of the best guarantees in the business.  We are available to assist if you encounter any problems when using and installing our products. We even offer on-the-job installation assistance when needed. Our sales and service team pride themselves on being problem solvers. Your success is our success.

Building Relationships

Industry relationships are important to us and continue to help us shape the HVAC industry.  We work with vital HVAC organizations to ensure that the needs of an ever-growing and evolving industry are met.  Partnering with the best distributors in the nation guarantees that our industry-leading products are always available to our end users.

Our Industry Partners

Our History

Founded in 1978 by Peter Arnoldt, Ductmate Industries has been one of the largest innovative forces in the commercial HVAC industry for over 40 years.

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