Alongside our products and accessories, we offer industry leading products and technical services.  We are experts not only on our products and accessories, but on all aspects of the HVAC system.  Our knowledge allows us to provide thorough technical assistance on the applications of all our products.  In addition, our Resources Section has all of our published product specifications and documentation – as well as curated lists of tips, how tos, and frequently asked questions.  Our product and engineering specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have on our products. We encourage you to take advantage of these valuable resources.

Technical Services

Product Specifications

All Ductmate products are backed by detailed specification sheets, most including installation instructions.  To save you time finding what you need, we invite you to browse our product spec sheets in the Resources Section.  Each product spec we have published is organized there to help you find the documentation you need.

Specialized Product Assistance

We understand that some of our product lines are technical in nature, even for seasoned HVAC Pros. That’s why we have Product Line Managers (PLM) available to answer any questions you may have on the details of each of our products.  Each PLM is assigned a specific Ductmate product line family, allowing them to provide an expert level of assistance on their specific products.

Project Specification Review

We also offer detailed project specification review services.  Please send your company’s general specifications for HVAC to Our engineers will review the information and recommend a complete solution for your project. If you wish, we can check your specs against current industry practices and indicate upgrades.

Distributor Services

Distributor Resources

Looking for information on our hands-on or online training course?  Head over to the Distributor Resources page for more information.  We also plan on updating this section regularly with important information and features like product photos, logos, and marketing collateral downloads.

Hands On Training

Learn the ins and outs of our products directly from our PLMs, Territory Managers, and Industry Experts in person at our facility.  Ductmate offers an extensive 3 day course available to any Ductmate Distributor Employee.  Check out the Distributor Training section for more information.

Ductmate University – Coming Soon

Looking for a refresher on a particular Ductmate product line?  Our online university offers videos to get you back up to speed on the features and benefits of our products.  You can also give us a call to speak with a Product Line Manager to get your answers fast.

Product Videos

Watch our simple and concise online product videos; designed to refresh your knowledge of the features, benefits, and installation processes of our core products.

Our Videos

Get Answers Now?

We boast a contingent of in-house engineers in the following areas: mechanical, chemical, operations, and lean manufacturing - as well as, product line managers who are experts on the functionality of all our products. Our knowledgeable staff is always eager to assist you when needed; simply call 1-800-990-8459 or email orders@ductmate to get the answers and assistance you need.

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