Ductmate : Product Categories
 Denotes a category containing Ductmate Green Products.
  • Duct Connectors

    We started our business building better connectors, and we continue to excel in this area. We offer a variety of connectors for rectangular, spiral, round and oval ducts.

  • Pipes and Fittings

    GSI, a division of DMI Companies, offers products for high efficient systems that are developed to conform to LEED® and other Green Building Initiatives. Union Made Yellow Union Label manufacturing is standard on all GSI Pipe and Fittings.

  • Insulation

    Ductmate insulation will improve the performance and sustainability of your duct system. Take a moment to see how Ductmate insulation will reduce your material and labor costs on your next project.

  • Access Doors

    We offer several kinds of insulated, leak-proof access doors for rectangular and round ducts. Sandwich® and Square-Framed Access Doors are available for hi-temperature, easy access and simple installation applications.

  • Fire Dampers and CRDs

    Aire Technologies, a division of DMI Companies, offers a full line of HVAC fire protection products. Fire Dampers and Ceiling Radiation Dampers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations; most of which can be shipped upon request within 24 hours.

  • Duct Sealants, Adhesives, and Mastic

    We developed several kinds of products to create long-lasting airtight and/or watertight seals. Each has very specific application and drying characteristics.

  • Reinforcements and Hangers

    Ductmate Hangers and Accessories are cost efficient, easy to use and require no prep work. They make the job of installing duct work easier, faster and safer.

  • T.D.C.® and T.D.F.® Components

    These accessories can be used to troubleshoot unusual installations, and they also perform well in standard applications when cost and durability are issues.

  • Time Saving Tools

    This collection of installation tools simply makes it easier to get the job done.

  • Vane Systems

    We offer various options for directing air flow around elbows in duct systems. Included in this group is a noise-reducing acoustical turning vane for those systems which require quiet operating systems.

  • Other Duct Components

    These items are problem-solvers. They are used to reduce the noise the system generates, direct air flow, reduce leakage and remove excess moisture.